Experience high quality Electricians..


Spark Team provides electricians to help with any household work you require. We know that not everyone feels comfortable around electrical appliances, and we want to make sure that you stay safe by helping tick off one of your chores, or help with you redecoration processes.

We don’t think you need to invest lots of time into finding electricians, and deciding if you think they are honest and reliable. So let us do the hard work and send you a qualified, professional electrician who can fit in the work you need performed around your schedule.

We are passionate about making your life as easy and as safe as possible. If you live in Bristol and Bath you can now book you electrical works on our website, using our flat rate pricing. Simply pick the date and time that you need the works done, and we’ll organise our electricians around you… we can even help at the last minute!

Our promise..


We guarantee that you will be delighted by the results of our electrical work. If you aren’t 100% satisfied: let Spark Team know and we will send someone back free of charge to make it right, and ensure you are happy with our work.

Our electricians are skilled, and work hard for us. that’s why we work hard for them too: we constantly work to keep them happy and motivated to work on your home.

So if you need a Spark (electrician), book with Spark Team today, we guarantee you’ll be please you did.

How it all started..


Joseph Edwards started Spark Team in January 2014. After trying to book an electrician he struggled to know who was good and reliable, and who was a cowboy who wouldn’t show up. After researching (lots), he found that it seemed almost normal for electricians to just not bother showing up: and no-one seemed to mind that: people accepted it as part of what happens with electricians…

So Joe set out building a service that can guarantee availability and reliability of professional electricians in Bristol and Bath so that people will no longer have any issues with sparks failing to show up. That couples with the super open flat-rate pricing means people will never be ‘had’ again by electricians who take advantage of less informed people.